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With a massive body and elongated neck, apatosaurus fed from the tops of trees where other dinos couldn't reach. After a herd of these huge grazing dinosaurs tramped through an area, they left a wake of destruction like a tornado, with upturned earth and trees shattered into pulp.

Dino-Lite: This creature's neck was relatively light because its vertebrae were hollow. Otherwise, its neck would have been too heavy to lift.

Whipped: The long and muscular tail helped protect against predators. It moved so fast that when it thrashed about, it would have produced a loud crack and a crushing sting like a giant bullwhip.

Walk Like a Dinosaur

An apotosaurus (sic) fossil excavation.

Scientists once believed that four-legged dinosaurs walked with their legs spread to the sides and bellies close to the ground, much like modern-day lizards. Apatosaurus, however, proved them wrong. With so much weight to carry, its tree trunk-like legs would have snapped under the sideways pressure. Instead, their legs stood upright on their flat-soled feet.

Brain Sneezer: Apatosaurus had nostrils on top of its head and ear slots on either side.

Stone Swallower: Apatosaurus didn't have good chewing teeth, so it swallowed rough stones to help grind up mouthfuls of the foliage it had gulped down.


Apatosaurus lived from 154 to 144 million years ago during the Jurassic period.

Trading Card


A mounted apatosaurus skeleton.