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Azhi Dahaka was one of the most horrific monsters in all of Middle Eastern mythology. Created by an evil god, this three-headed dragon terrorized the people in the land called Persia (Iran). Some people in the region think the Azhi is still around, waiting for its chance to bring even more destruction to the world.

Better Than One: Three heads, each with two eyes and a huge jaw, helped this evil dragon stay alert to its enemies and attack them from all directions.

Hamburger to Humanburger: Azhi Dahaka began its life preying on cattle. As the beast grew, however, it began to realize its destructive destiny and turned its tastes toward humans.

== Lights Out ==

Mt. Damavand is 18,602 feet tall.

In ancient Persian legend, Azhi Dahaka was created by the god Ahriman. Ahriman would stop at nothing to destroy the world, and he used this great dragon to demolish his enemies. In one story, Azhi Dahaka was sent to swallow the sun, so all life on Earth would perish. The monster was stopped by the fire god, Atar, and chained to Mt. Damavand near the Caspian Sea.

A Sensitive Beast: In some stories, Azhi Dahaka is said to have 1,000 senses. Naturally, this made the monster even more fearsome, as it could detect human prey in ways people (with only five senses) couldn’t imagine.

Coming Again: This great dragon is said to be restrained for now, but legend has it that the beast will return. When set free, it is supposed to devour a third of all life on Earth before being destroyed.

=== Belly of the Beast ===

  1. Many brave warriors tried to put an end to Azhi Dahaka’s reign of terror, and a few were almost successful. Fearless heroes defied death to get close enough to the monster to drive a sword in its belly.
  2. Those who could get that far, however, were treated to a nasty surprise. The dragon’s body was filled with venomous snakes, spiders, scorpions and lizards, which relentlessly bit the warrior, pumping his body full of toxins.

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