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This giant three-headed dog is the total terror package. Guarding the gates of the underworld (Hades), it allows no living souls to enter and no departed souls to leave; its name is synonymous with fear and the unknown.

Snakes on the Brain: A mane of viper heads seethes around Cerberus' neck. In moments of anger, this mass of snakes slithers and hisses before striking.

Tail of a Serpent: In the most terrifying portrayals of Cerberus, its tail is a serpent that rears up and attacks. In other versions, it has a dragon tail with a vicious spike.

== Guard Dog of the Underworld ==

Cerberus' ear-splitting howls echo endlessly through the caverns of Hades. Venom and acidic saliva dribble constantly from its drooling mouths - the foul blast of its breath alone is enough to knock over anyone. As the souls of the departed near the gates to receive their judgement, Cerberus strains at its chains, baring its hideous teeth.

Dreadful Jaws: The jaws dribble venomous foam and a foul stench pours from the mouths. The terrible teeth tear at pitiful victims condemned to punishment.

Claws of Karma: Some descriptions of Cerberus claim that the clawed feet are used to rip and flay the bodies of people who were greedy and gluttonous during their lives.

=== Welcome to Hades! ===

At the River Styx, the dead had to pay the hideous ferryman, Charon. Those who couldn't pay were doomed to wander the dismal shore of the Styx for eternity. On the far bank, the souls passed Cerberus, who made sure they did not flee back to the land of the living.

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