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Accidentally introduced into the United States from South America, the fire ant has become a minuscule menace that is swarming across the country. Colonies of fire ants join together to seize an area, attacking anything or anyone who dares to enter.

Rapid Fire: A fire ant pushes out its poisonous stinger when it feels threatened. In an attack, it stings its victim repeatedly until it is completely out of venom. Its stinger can also la a chemical trail for other ants to follow.

Firm Grip: To ensure maximum damage, the claw-like jaws grab hold of prey so the ant can’t be shaken loose while stinging over and over again. The ant’s jaws are even strong enough to chew through cable and telephone lines.

Deadly Army on the March

Fire ant mounds rise 12-18 in. above ground and go 6 ft. underground.

A tiny fire ant by itself may not seem like a danger, but when an army of these ants swarm out on the attack, the results can be terrifying. Even walking within ten feet of a nest can prompt an attack. Plus, colonies of fire ants will unite to form huge super-colonies that dominate vast open fields.

Little Brainiacs: The fire ant’s brain is a tiny knot of nerve cells that measures less than a thousandth of a millimeter across. They still have no problem figuring out how to enlarge their domain.

Egg Factory: On average, a queen fire ant lays 1,500 eggs a day. Through her lifetime, she will produce more than 3 million new ants at a rate of 200 per hour. That’s why fire ant colonies grow so fast.

Death Match

  1. Wood ants are much bigger than fire ants and defend their colonies fiercely, using their sharp jaws to chop away at invaders.
  2. But fire ants are more lethal. They easily paralyze and kill the wood ant with poison. The fire ant’s needle-like stinger shoots right through the wood ant’s armor.
  3. Even if a fire ant doesn’t get a chance to sting, it can still spray a crippling blast of its venom at an enemy with devastating effects.

Trading Card


  • The Trading Card is labeled "Swarming Fire Ants", but is listed as "Fire Ants" on the checklist.
  • Fire Ant's Trading Card is one of the five to contain multiples of the featured creature, along with Army Ant, Killer Bee, Piranhas, and Scabies Mite.
    • It is the only one to have the name reference this, with "swarming".