Power-up Cards are used along with regular trading cards to give a player special powers in battle. Each Power-up card contains a description that tells you how to play that card. Most Power-ups can be played at any time during a game, even after attack and defense rolls have taken place, but some can only be used under certain conditions. Power-up cards are used in Battle of the Monsters Game 3 and up. There are 65 cards in this catagory. Look up Battle of the Monsters - Power-Up Cards on how to use these cards in play.

Card List

Against All Odds Precision Strike
Aggressor Reality Check
Allied Strength Reborn
Ambush Reinforcements
Assassin Regroup
Attack Bonus Reload
Back To Life Rest In Peace
Backup Restructure
Banished Reveal
Battle Meditation Role Reversal
Biohazard Sacrifice
Brainwashing Second Chance
Cheap Shot Seek And Destroy
Cut-Off Self Destruct
Deep Freeze Sharpshooter
Defense Bonus Sneak Attack
Do-Over Spy Game
Dodge Staying Power
Double Team Strange Brew
Down To Size Super Stamina
Dried Up Swarm
Extra Strength Switcharoo
Faulty Armor Take Two
Fossil Power Terrorizer
Heavy Armor The Deep
Hidden Nature Time Bomb
Lady Luck Trade-Off
Live Again Traitor
Mind Control Trap
Neutralizer Unreal
Nightmare Virus
Poison Wonderful
Power Shuffle