Premium Plus Cards

Some of the creatures from the trading cards have become extra fierce, and so are Premium Plus. These are cards that are feature monsters that are on common cards, but their powers have been amped up. With attack and defense levels of 50, these beasts are all-stars on either side of the battlefield. Use them in the same way as Premium Cards. There are two types of Premium Plus cards, Diamond and Titanium.

Card List

Anaconda Diamond Power
Army Ants Diamond Power
Barracuda Diamond Power
Dimetrodon Titanium Power
Fat-Tailed Scorpion Titanium Power
Giant Squid Titanium Power
Great White Shark Diamond Power
Reticulated Python Titanium Power
Saber-Toothed Tiger Titanium Power
Saltwater Crocodile Diamond Power
Sawfish Diamond Power
Wolverine Titanium Power
Wyvern Titanium Power