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Hi! I'm CicadaGhost, the new Weird n' Wild Creatures Wiki admin, and I want to clean this place up and make it look shiny and new. Because of that, I'm introducing Project Overhaul!

What is Project Overhaul?

Project Overhaul is a community effort to make the wiki functional, organized, and comprehensive. This includes adding infoboxes, transcribing cards, and cleaning up categories. You can find some examples of completed Overhaul pages here.

8.3% completed (estimate)


How can I help?

You can start by visiting the pages in the Project Overhaul category and cleaning them up. Otherwise, visit any page that isn't listed on the completed Overhaul blog post (see above section) and get to work! We have an official template, but any effort is much appreciated, even if it's not quite up to the project's standards. Every step is one step closer!

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