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Sturgeons are survivors of the age of dinosaurs, and even have the dino-style armor on their backs to prove it. The creatures can actually reach the size of a small dinosaur, but they're far less vicious when it comes to hunting. A sturgeon spends it time digging up the bottom of sandy rivers and shallow seas, using fleshy feelers to test the waters for prey.

Armor Plated: Sturgeons have spiked, bony ridges called scutes, protecting their backs. These plates are similar to those that dinos had. This makes sense: Sturgeons were in the seas at the same time that the dinos ruled the land.

Big Fish: Some sturgeons grow to incredible sizes. The beluga can reach lengths of 17 feet and can weigh 3,300 pounds - that's about the size of a car! It takes this fish up to 25 years to reach full size.

Root For Sturgeons:

Pointed plates on the Sturgeon's back protect it from predators

Moving Day: All sturgeons are born in freshwater, though, the biggest species venture out into the sea when they mature, where they can find more food to fuel their bodies. These fish will travel up to 600 miles from their home rivers, but always return to breed.

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