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The Tasmanian devil is a vicious animal always ready to chomp down on prey or dig into its favorite food - a rotting carcass. The devils often get into fights and let loose their nightmarish howls - screeching sounds that could have come from the devil himself.

Power Bite: Sharp teeth line the Tasmanian devil's jaws. Heavy muscles around the jawbone provide the creature with a powerful bite that easily shatters bones to pieces.

Sniff Sniff: A scavenger, the Tasmanian devil has a very sharp sense of smell. It can pick up on the scent of a dead animal from several miles away.

Devil of a Beast

The Tasmanian devil always seems to have its mouth open, ready to bite.

Tasmanian devils often feed on the bodies of dead animals. As the stinking carcass rots, several devils at a time can sniff out the body. To get the best scraps, they try to intimidate each other. They howl with gaping jaws, and if that fails, they really turn nasty and fight one another off. After a group of devils is through eating, there's nothings (sic) left but splinters of bone.

On the Hunt: More than just a scavenger, the Tasmanian Devil does its share of hunting on the ground and in trees. This creature will go after anything it can kill, from insects to small kangaroos.

Road Kill: In the search for food, these creatures often are drawn to busy roads where animals are killed by cars. Unfortunately, the devils sometimes become road kill themselves.

Food Fight

  1. When a Tasmanian devil finds a rotting carcass, it digs in right away, swallowing chunks of meat with fur still attached.
  2. The smell has lured other devils to the scene, and a growling match ensues. More ambitious devils try to tug the meal away from its original owner.
  3. Soon, the carrion is forgotten and the devils are in an all-out brawl. These fights can get so vicious that a devil can end up dead.

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