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The Weird n' Wild Detectives are an trio consisting of Rex, Mal, and Hunter, the series' mascots. The three frequently appear on Monster Mania cards and occasionally feature in stories about their adventures. While situated in North America, they travel all over the world.


Rex the T-Rex

Rex is the leader of the trio, and is highly intelligent. He normally has background knowledge on the mysteries that the three solve together, and was able to decipher the Riddle of the Sphinx on his own. He previously stuided at the Monsters of the Mind Academy.

Mal the Malaysian Horned Toad

Mal has the ability to disguise herself to look like anything, and so works as a sort of undercover agent, gathering further information after Hunter's preliminary checks. Her favorite book is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Hunter the Boa Constrictor

Hunter can only speak in snake sign language by flicking his tongue or using his tail to draw and point. His incredible stealth and ability to squeeze into tight spaces makes him a perfect scout, and he often picks up details that the other two miss. He appreciates tattoos and other skin patterns.


Bill Hawk - A park ranger who sometimes has new cases for the team.


18 The Unusual Suspects
A scholar studying monsters is found dead, and they must figure out the monster that done it.
25 The Riddle of the Sphinx
An archeological team goes missing in Egypt, and the detectives must  solve the riddle.
35 A Tiger Tale
The detectives help hunt down what appears to be a man-eater.
63 A Monster Special
While doing a TV special on reformed monsters, a producer is found dead.
95 Headless in the Hollow
While on vacation in THE Sleepy Hollow, rumors abound that the Headless Horseman maybe riding again.


Rex is also the mascot for Weird n' Wild Creatures cards.